Flow State turns distribution into a civic process. Through Flow State, we have investigated the ways in which the hyper-efficient nature of logistics undermines social and environmental wellbeing. To go beyond this singular focus on efficiency, we have each proposed a new distribution centre in which an alternative, ethical principle has driven the design.  Though our distribution centres move different items,  they each use architecture to make distribution public. Flow State is led by Andrew Copolov, and is part of Monash Architecture Yr 3, 2021. 

Flow State acknowledges the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Boon Wurrung people on whose unceded lands we live and work.

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Isabella Pinazo
Green Nursery strives to bring excitement to Greens Road by stimulating the notion of an enjoyable, proactive, and public focused workplace. Combination of a children’s nursery with a plant nursery, targeted towards parents’ children who work in the local Dandenong South neighbourhood. The program creates a safe and family orientated community within Green Nursery. As it enables activities for regeneration of the environment and education orientated on sustainable practises useful for future generations. The theme of blue and green gradient is to visually link the importance of the water filtration system and revival of the natural environment.

This proposal consists of a plant nursery, day-care facility, distribution centre, and store, each intended to facilitate the growth and development of Dandenong South. This blend of programs allows for a multifaceted building and creates a scenario that is distinctive and engaging for the suburb. It brings the community together by fostering the lessons of living sustainably and bringing awareness to the water filtration system via the water pipe structure. The transparency of the ETFE cushion façade of the building promotes the awareness of regenerating the natural surroundings, as it differs from the industrial neighbourhood thus positively capturing people's attention.