Flow State turns distribution into a civic process. Through Flow State, we have investigated the ways in which the hyper-efficient nature of logistics undermines social and environmental wellbeing. To go beyond this singular focus on efficiency, we have each proposed a new distribution centre in which an alternative, ethical principle has driven the design.  Though our distribution centres move different items,  they each use architecture to make distribution public. Flow State is led by Andrew Copolov, and is part of Monash Architecture Yr 3, 2021. 

Flow State acknowledges the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Boon Wurrung people on whose unceded lands we live and work.

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Abisna Kanagasabesan
Logistics & Labour Central in Dandenong South seeks to champion labour power via forming logistics worker solidarity. The logistics worker is the vector for the project. Stage 1: a heavily subsidized auto parts distribution and repair service alongside rudimentary organising space, a response to casualized gig-works offloading of vehicle maintenance to the worker. Stage 2: a worker-run drone delivery service in parallel with a labour school, an outgrowth from the labour organising of Stage 1. Tackles challenges questions for the future of logistics work, superseding of the automobile in last-mile delivery and the need for labour power in the face of automation and an atomised labour.

Stage 2: Vignette of drone port from lecture caddy.